Tastes of germany

Our first stop after arriving in Bad Windsheim was to Sahin for a döner. A Turkish flatbread sandwich filled with shaved turkey, vegetables and sauce. While we waited to order, Sahin treated us to hot Turkish tea. The tea taste a little bit like apple cider and tea. With our meal Sahin added a couple of yogurt drinks and a Turkish soda. I didn’t try the yogurt drink, but the soda tasted like Sprite.

The next few days we spent walking and shopping for a few of my favorite things:

Some of my favorite foods: Breztel (pretzels) and “Brötchen” (bread rolls) from the Bakeria (bakery), senf (mustard) in the US our mustard is made from the mildest of ground mustard seeds, vinegar, sugar, and turmeric. In Germany they use a variety of ground mustard seeds, vinegar, oil, herbs and/or sweeteners.

Lebkuchen (pronounced leyb-koo-kuh n) a spice cake cookie. A Nuremberg labkuchen has 25 to 40% ground nuts. Whereas the brand we purchased has less than 14% nuts and is baked on a wafer, (wheat flour, starch, and water) – because a long, long time ago monks would make these cookies and drop the dough on a communion wafer to prevent them from sticking.

On this visit we were unable to visit any of the Christmas Markets where they serve Glühwein (warm spiced red wine in a cup), but I did get the packets to easily brew Glühwein at home. We also purchased Mon Chéri, semi dark chocolate encasing a cherry, floating in liqueur and available only at Christmas.


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