Things don’t go the way you plan. On our trip from Gulfport, MS to Sanibel, FL. Our steps broke. The outlet for the refrigerator and 4 outlets stop working. But we are less than 100 miles from our destination.

Our temporary stairs

Our temporary refrigerator outlet

We pulled into our premium pull through site and The Fun n Sun Campground in Sarasota, FL. and started our routine.
First thing is finding where I put my keys after hooking up, after checking my pocket and purse for keys – We unlock trailer storage doors – Stick 6 buckets on jacks – Insert chalk blocks – Drop tailgate – Deploy landing jacks – Unhitch the truck – Unplug the trailer – Slowly pull the truck away – Put up the tailgate – Deploy the remaining jacks – Level the trailer – Get the power cable and plug in…


The power cable was 6 inches to short. Good thing we have over 5 years of experience setting up the trailer as we reverse the whole process just to re-hook up the trailer to go 6 inches.

I guess we need to re-think the order of our routine.

We stayed 2 nights at the Fun N Sun Resort in Sarasota, FL  We Ave paid a lot for campsites, but this was the most expensive at $91.00 a night.  They had a large pool complex, bar, and grill.  A number of activities were still closed because of Covid restrictions. 

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