After my mom retired, she spent a lot of time looking out her large picture window. And when I visited, she would tell me about the couple who lived across the busy street, the people who waited to catch the bus to go downtown, the jogger the dog chased…

I only half listened. I didn’t understand her fascination with being a ‘watcher’ until I retired and we purchased  a 5th wheel camper with a large rear window. 

For the past month,  I’ve watched a couple walk past my window. At first, I thought it was a coincidence that they had matching jackets and shirts, but after a few days I realized their outfits were premeditated.

I didn’t know the extent, until I ran into them while walking the dog. As we chatted, my gaze bounced between the two of them like I was at a tennis match. She wore a mask, but it wasn’t across her face. The mask rested between between her chin and chest like a bib on an infant. The mask was not a disposable or store bought, but was made of fabric with a small print. He too donned his mask in the same manner, and the fabric was an exact match.

She said, they were married, they liked to walked, they lived in Georgia…

I was no longer focused on her words. Masks, shirts, jeans all a match. Shoes? Not only the same same color, but the same style and brand. Was she wearing men’s shoes? Was he wearing woman’s shoes? Did they have matching underwear? And Why?



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