IVD in dogs

As a pet owner I was aware of the dangers of heart worm, fleas, hip dysplasia, and ticks borne diseases, but until September intervertebral disk disease (IVD) was not one of my concerns.

While running across a grass field in Indiana, Stella yelped and went down like she had been shot. Her front legs were still running while her back legs were lifeless. She started to turn in circles until she was lifted off the ground.

We called Middlebury Animal Clinic, and they agreed to see Stella immediately. The x-rays and examination revealed Stella had IVD and was stage IV: paralysis, but with the ability to feel pain between her toes.

We chose conservative treatment instead of surgery. Stella was prescribed anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxers and gabapentin for nerve pain along with six laser treatments. The staff at Middlebury Animal Clinic explained all our options and were understanding of our situation being full-time travelers.

Stella went from not being able to sit or stand to walking within a week. She is no longer playing ball and has trouble with stairs, but she is a happy camper with a staggering gait.

Four days after Stella’s was diagnosed with disc disease
Stella is now back to enjoying walks

Stella is an 8 year old Jack Russell terrier and was in great condition and healthy. We were shocked to see her health fail at such a young age, but then we read disc disease is heritary and most dogs show signs between 3 to 7 years of age.




    • Stella is doing better every day and keeps getting us more exercise, besides walking her, we get to lift her up and down the stairs. We are currently in Huntsville, AL and the weather has been gorgeous.


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