Shipshewana, Indiana

Is it cheating? 

After five years, we are spending time in a motel and not in our 5th wheel camper.  Although, we did pick a motel next to a campground, so that makes it okay, right?

The single room might be a tad smaller than the trailer, but

  • we pulled the up to the door on the first try
  • the motel was already level, steps didn’t need to be pulled out, and the walls were already extended
  • the water and sewer hoses were already connected
  • there is absolutely no rocking
  • unlimited water
  • no tanks to be drained
  • TV antenna didn’t need to be raised or rotated prior to watching
  • Monday night football.


  1. A tad smaller but… U don’t need to clean up either.. Also someone else can cook for you.
    Sometimes you just to got to do it! 😄
    Where are you both staying now?

    Love you guys and hope both of u are healthy .
    And Stella too!!


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