Horsfall Variety Store and me…

Horsfall Variety Store in Lansing Iowa has two locations on Main Street and between the two stores there are over a million items.. I discovered Horsfalls on one of my many trips to Lansing to do laundry.. In-between the wash and dry cycles I would wander the isles, besides getting a laminated truckers road atlas, I picked up a few other necessary items for summer In WI. Yard guard and Buggins Natural Insect Repellent.

The gnats and mosquitos in WI are viscous, I tried everything…the No Natz we purchased in Georgia,, even the sprays with Deet,, but it wasn’t until I went into Horsfalls and the gentleman behind the counter suggested Buggins that we began to get some relief.

So instead of downsizing we are upsizing and my cabinets are beginning to resemble a variety store.

Who knew we would have to have region specific bug spray. Instead of one bottle of bug repellent I have a  plethora of products..

Apparently, northern bugs are repelled by humans slathered in peppermint, vanilla and garden rose. Whereas southern bugs won’t eat people who are sautéd in rosemary,  lemongrass,, geranium  and coconut oil.

I’m just grateful I don’t have to distract northern bugs with grits and sweet tea and southern bugs with hot dish and pop.


  1. I wish I had stock in Buggins. It’s been flying off the shelves. Chris, let me know when you’re camping in this area. It would be fun to see you again. Kerry


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