25 states, 52 stops, 8026+ miles, a then a Blow-out

We had a remarkable trip and the day after saying our good-byes to Isabel. Bam! A blow-out.

Being the passenger, I had no idea what had happened. The first thing I did was to look over to my husband. He had both hands on the wheel and appeared calm. So, my imagination ran wild.

As the truck slowed to a stop on the highway shoulder I was certain the tire and wheel had been ripped from the truck. Earlier in the day he had checked the air pressure and all the lug nuts so I knew the tire was secure and the only logical explanation was Big Foot.

A tire chasing dog would be too small to do any damage, but a larger than life Big Foot…

Visions of the axle laying on the shoulder vanished after my husband walked around the front of the truck and called for me to step out. Mystery solved, no Big Foot just a blow out.

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