Fun in South Dakota

While in Rapid City we stayed at Ellsworth Airforce Base, the campground provided full-hook service and free laundry.  Authorized users for this facility are Active, National Guard, Reservists, Retired, 100% DAV. DoD Civilians. The site was a little short, so we parked our truck in an adjacent parking lot.1d3e08e2-94ca-4945-b3fb-37144fc950dd.jpegThe location was convenient  for day trips.  We visited the Corn Palace, Wall Drug, Bad Lands, Mount Rushmore, Mammoth Site, Pioneer Museum, Crazy Horse, Spearfish Canyon, Needles Highway, Devil’s Tower and the Buffalo Roundup at Custer State Park.


At Mount Rushmore we went in the evening when the had the lightning ceremony. Everyone sang the National anthem and they invited all the veterans onto the stage.  6E5D1416-C9C9-432D-A0C4-7B3685DF42F1Before the ceremony we ate at the Apline Inn in Hill City for dinner.  The don’t take reservations or credit cards. The evening menu is a 6 oz or 10 oz filet minon or  baked potato, lettuce wedge with Ranch dressing and Texas toast.  The line began to form around 4 o’clock and then at 5 o’clock they open the doors and seat first 150 people.  The food was very reasonable priced and delicious.

We also went to Mount Rushmore durning the day and of course had so much fun driving Needles Highway. ebdb8543-b7e6-489f-bd9d-87be5299ef4e.jpeg

What I learned….As a small child I visited Crazy Horse and I was told the hole in the rocks was the horse’s leg.  Now, I am certain this was the same brother who told me the reason half of the Wizard Of Oz movie was in black and white was because they were in the process of updating  the movie to color when Judy Garland died…Turns out the hole in the rock is for Crazy Horse’s arm.


Wyoming is next…

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