The drip that wouldn’t leave us alone.

Besides traveling and seeing the sites, we have also spent time working on the trailer.  Of course the small water drip we fixed in Wallowa Lake, OR (on the hot water bypass valve) reappeared in Folkston, GA and again we made the necessary repairs.

In De Soto, WI the hot water bypass again started to leak, so this time replaced the hot water by-pass valve. Problem solved.

Or so we thought until we were in Rapid City, SD and once and water began to drip.

What we’ve learned – snake bites are for pex pipe and 1/2” hoses stretch over time and you have two choices buy bigger fittings or replace the hose. . 

Or you could try adjustable hose clamps, but to tight and they strip and not tight enough and they leak.

So, much for downsizing it looks like we will have to buy a PEX ratchet clamp and PEX ear clamp removal tools. And we’ve already  purchased, 10’ Of 250 psi flex hose, shark bites, hose clamps, a valve extension for our dually wheel and an electric hose to prevent our water from freezing.

Of course the cheap easy fix of hose clamps failed and the outside shower fittings began to leak. So, we added to our tools a PEX ratchet and a bag full of clamps…and fingers crossed no leak.

Our fingers are crossed and we have not seen any water drip since SD we are now in CA.


In Las Vegas, the fitting and the hoses continued to hold water, but the water heater does not.  Hopefully on Tuesday we will get a new water heater installed and once again be drip free…or not.

We are now in Texas and the internal pipes continue to be drip free, although the hose has decided to spring a leak.  

I think as long as we are camping we are going to always have something to repair or replace…with the condition of many of the highways and freeways – our house experiences earth quakes on a daily basis.  

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