The Big Trip…Day 3

We had a nice evening at Hill RV (right next to the Dollar General) in Plankinton, SD.  We didn’t swim in the pool, but we did have a nice walk to the little town. Main Street consisted of three short blocks with a restaurant, a couple of bars, and a small grocery shop.  At the end of town was and  a nice Veteran’s Memorial Park.

The thing I like best about traveling (living) in our 5th wheel – is I always know who slept in my bed the night before. Previously when we traveled and checked into and out of hotels/motels – I tired of always having to haul clothes, personal care items, dog food, dog bed, etc.,  from the truck to the room – and then you never really knew if the place was clean.  Sometimes our 5th wheel isn’t clean either, but at least it’s our dirt and Stella’s dog hair.

Along our route to Ellsworth Air Force Base we stopped at rest stop and was surprised by the sign.4A8E0D8C-135C-4D9F-ACDC-E6189DCA1845While volunteering at the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge we learned; snakes are venomous not poisonous because you can eat them and not get sick.

As we continued down the road we read the numerous signs for Wall Drug and of course had to stop.

F2AD9A6B-2538-420E-A846-07E89FB92944036AD918-D89C-44FE-80D0-AD30788FF872We arrived at our destination at Ellsworth Airforce base where we plan to stay for a couple of weeks and see all the local attractions.  The spot is a little short for both the trailer and the truck, but at least the trailer fits. 04F3A979-077C-411B-9A79-F8E77E8FC2CD

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