The first 200 miles of ‘The Big Trip’

Was actually 224 miles and we traveled through three states. Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.

We are traveling with a 2011 F350 dually and a 2013 Redwood 36RL. 571C7FD3-BB6B-4562-83D7-18F431A25EA3 After being stationary for 3 months we were a bit rusty at getting back on the road…and just like before we forgot about checking tire pressure prior to rolling out.  In June, when we pulled up stakes after being in the swamp for 8 months, we forgot to check the trailer tires. When we pulled off the wheel covers we discover one tire was flat. Of course it was only moments before we were going to hit the road.

This time the trailer tires were fine and it wasn’t until we had the trailer hooked up that we realized the inside dually tire that was flat.  So far so good, the tire appears to be holding air, but time will tell.

The bridge from Wisconsin to Lansing, Iowa is beautiful, but  I always feel like the bridge is to narrow.  Luckily, I wasn’t driving and if we would have met a tractor or a semi I would have closed my eyes.51A3D9AD-D2D3-4E25-91DD-2EE9A6B6A1AE Our first stop was at Korte Checker Welcome Campground in Welcome, MN. The campground was listed on the Passport America site and was perfect for our needs.  Full-hook up, WiFi and a television service. The sites are level and the office staff was very helpful in directing us to our site.  The cost was $24.00 for three adults. I am a little surprised that some campgrounds increase the price based on the number of adults.  For two adult the price would have been $22.00C64BA291-426A-4CFE-8C5E-5D5F609244EE

We traveled 229 miles, the instrument panel gave readings of 9.5 to 9.1 miles per gallon and of course the dash board also let us know we only have 600 miles until  we need to add DEF.


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