The Big Trip

For approximately the next nine months we: DH, dear husband, Isa (the reason we are taking a break from volunteering – she  wanted to tour the United States with us, and of course Stella our Jack Russell Terrier – will be traveling in our F350 dally and pulling our 40’ 5th wheel.

To keep track of our adventures we have created a visual.  Of course, the way I envisioned this project was a little different then the reality.  No wrinkles and the pictures were going to fit perfectly in the shape of the state.


A month ago Isa joined us at Black Hawk Campground in Wisconsin where DH was volunteering for the United State Army Corp of Engineers doing maintenance work.

The little library DH made as one of his maintenance duties.

While visiting we were able to spend time in Minnesota and Iowa. Which is why we are able to add pictures to three states before we even hook up our trailer.


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