Points West Army Resort

Appling, Georgia.

Sometimes you need a vacation. After volunteering for seven months at the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, we were ready for a break before we started our new assignment.

We planned fifteen days to go from Folkston, Georgia to De Soto, Wisconsin.

There are a couple of things we look for when planning our trips. The first is will our 39′ fifth wheel fit and secondly is the cost of the camping.E22C938B-CCBA-4D91-A6F8-48DFAC5BABC9

With diesel prices increasing we like to keep our costs down by staying at military campgrounds, Army Corp parks or state parks.

So our first stop was chosen for price. $14.00 a night for retired military at Points West Army resort and as a bonus the distance was also less than 300 miles.7659B61B-D825-4E85-822C-194D4FAE87F7

Some RVer’s we met have a couple of rules. The first is – on the road by 10 AM and off the road by 2 PM, or the rule of 2’s – don’t drive more than 200 miles, in by 2 PM and stay for 2 days, or the 330 rule – drive no more than 330 miles and always be parked by 3:30 pm.

The other rule we hear mentioned a lot is: Sleeping for two. Dinner for four. Drinks for six.

Someday, we too hope to live by the rule of 200 miles a day, but we will always be open for additional guests.

Most of our travel days on this trip will be between 200 and 300 miles. There is one day were we will travel closer to 400 miles. But we did decided to stay at each location for at least two days at all our stops. Although at Points West we made an exception and decided to stay for a week.

The campground has full hook ups and lake access, the water is clean and alligator free. The sites are close together and the weather has been very rainy, warm and muggy. Although we did get a break on Saturday and the clouds moved past and the sun came out. We took advantage of the break in the thunderstorm and put air into our tube and floated in lake.

The campground is on a peninsula and the distance from our campsite to the end of the road is almost 4000 steps, which means I can go for one walk and almost get my 10,000 steps for the day.

I love to walk, so it’s important for me to have a place where I can safely walk. Our Jack Russell loves to run and swim, so it’s always a plus if we can find an area for swimming or running.

There is also shopping fifteen minutes away. It’s always nice to have access to groceries and a discount shopping store, because there is always something you end up needing.

For us, it was a sewer hose extension. Because of the location of the tree and our slide out we weren’t able to back up far enough for our sewer hose to reach, but a quick drive down to the Wal Mart solved the problem.

Now, if you are curious as to why it has taken me from the end of May until the middle of July to post – We have once again landed in a spot where we have limited cellphone service (it’s a good thing T-mobile is cheap) and we have no free WiFi.  I also have a new android phone and I am using an iPad to blog and it’s a lot like trying to convince small children to share…send the picture to the IPad, please….



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