Savannah in a day

A daycation with my older sister is alway fun and when you only have 24 hours to take in the sites of Savannah, Georgia. It’s a whirlwind get-away. We made reservations at the Holiday Inn Express before heading down I-95. We planned on getting into town around 1 pm. We heard the parking downtown was limited. So if the hotel had no early check-in, we were going to inquire about our parking options, or go to the visitor center where they provided complimentary parking (on a first come basis) for visitors purchasing trolley tours.

We were about an hour away when from Savannah, when we called the hotel and were given good news, they had a room available.

Instead of shopping around for parking lots, we opted for the valet parking at the hotel because the car could be left until 3 pm the following day. After dropping off our overnight bags in the room, we headed outside and followed the map provided by the Savannah Chamber.

We walked down to city market, going through the squares and reading descriptions as we strolled. After taking a quick peak in a few of the shops we headed down to the river walk for a late lunch, which also happened to be the beginning of happy hour at Tubby’s. I opted for a peach sangria.

The wine looked very inviting, but was sweeter than I anticipated. The view from the second floor balcony was beautiful and we were able to watch the ships passing as we enjoyed our salads. On our way back to the hotel we continued to shop and enjoy the sights along the river.

At the hotel, my sister opted for a nap, while I went up to the rooftop to enjoy the sunset and the hot tub.

After waking up sleeping beauty, we headed out to enjoy a late night menu at Churchill’s. The meatloaf sandwich and mashed potatoes were delicious, the beer was mediocre.

In the morning, we were up early.  We purchased trolley passes from the concierge in the hotel lobby for Old Town Tours.   After breakfast, we checked out and stowed our luggage in the back room, before taking the shuttle bus to the visitor center where the trolley tour began.

The trolley tours had fifteen stops and lasted about 100 minutes, we choose the hop on hop off option. The driver did a great job of weaving in and around the narrow streets crowded with pedestrians and vehicles. She gave detailed information along with colorful commentary about the houses, squares and past residents. I am glad we had a chance to walk through the city the previous day because seeing the sights for a second time gave more meaning to the history lesson we were receiving.

At the fifteenth stop, we hopped off and we retraced our steps back to the city market doing a little last minute shopping for souvenirs.  Our path lead us back to the river walk where we took the free shuttle boat across the river.

After walking through the beautiful garden, we caught the free ferry shuttle back to Riverwalk. On the return trip we were able to enjoy the statute of the waving girl from a different perspective. C0DD8F50-A74D-4728-9A8D-D52E0B5DA487With an hour left on our parking pass, my sister had a work emergency. She retrieved her laptop and I enjoyed a cup of coffee. While she attended to her work, I reflected on how life as a full-time rver and volunteer suited me. I no longer had to bring work with me on vacation and I didn’t need to purchase souvenirs. With limited space every purchase has to be carefully considered.

As the clock approached three, we retrieved our bags and handed our parking voucher to the valet with only a minute to spare.

As we drove out of the city we had no regrets, even though our visit was brief we were able to experience the lovely historic city of Savannah, Georgia in a day.

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