With Age Comes Wisdom

In 2010, I wrote:

“Wisdom…does not always come with age…

This morning I tried to jog in my basement as I Hoola Hooped. I figured I could burn twice as many calories if I jogged while rotating my hips.

My plan was working well, until…the hoola hoop slipped from my hips and tangled around me feet.

Luckily… nothing broke, a small rug burn, a bruise and I’m certain my dog is still laughing at home.”

Now, in 2018, I write:

“It’s a good thing I traded being a stick and brick dweller for being a full-time RVer. I have found it’s a lot more difficult to get into trouble. No more falling through the ceiling of the stick and brick while trying to insulate the attic, or falling off the treadmill while trying to walk the dog, or having to shovel snow….”

Dog walking on the treadmill

Although, on today’s walk I did have to watch out for falling trees. Apparently, the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge wasn’t far enough south. The last couple of days we’ve seen colder than normal temperatures and freezing rain. The ice sent a lot of branches and some trees crashing to the ground.


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