Now you see the little doggy

Our Jack Russell is five years old and has suddenly decided the word wait means, ‘do what you want when we’re out of sight.’

The first incident was when I left her in our 5th wheel trailer to throw in a load of laundry. I firmly said, “wait.” And I shut the screen door.

When I return I found Stella laying down next to the screen door. The only problem was she was no longer on the inside, she was on the outside.

81E13DE2-38CB-4D20-AE44-82A17B828F95She has also activated the electric window while we were driving through and campground and jumped out of the window to chase a squirrel.   Now, we use the child safety locks on the back windows.

At Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area where we were tent camping we told Stella to wait and zipped her securely into the tent as we did a quick dash to the restrooms.  When we came back Stella wasn’t in the tent she was running around the campground.

The next day we went a little further down the coast to the Manatee Cove FamCamp at Patrick AFB, in Florida. We had learned our lesson and when we went to the bathroom we took her with us.

But when we decided to run int the commissary we couldn’t take her with her and with the temperatures in the low 70’s, we wanted to leave the windows open a little bit.

As DH enter the store, I hesitated when Stella started whining and crying. I turned around just as she popped out the back window.  1584700B-2633-45D8-856F-ED4DC51569B7

She stood for a moment on the tool box before jumping down to run through the parking lot. I returned her to the truck, where this time I attached her leash to the seat.


Where’s my ball?

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