I’m learning a lot…

I volunteer at a National Refuge and even though the area can appear to look like a park, picnic tables, shelters, barbecue grills and walking paths. I was reminded. I volunteer at a refuge and not a park. Parks are for the people, whereas refuges are for the animals.

I’ve also learned, snakes are venomous, not poisonous. If a snake was poisonous you wouldn’t be able to eat it and live. Georgia has 6 venomous snakes and 5 make their home at the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Now, when I go walking down the trails and spot a snake the first thing that pops into my thoughts. “Red touches black, safe for Jack. Red touches yellow, kills a fellow.”

Next, I hope to learn how to identify the 5 venomous snakes. Maybe I will make myself a set of flash cards.

Besides reptiles, I am also learning about mammals, mostly I’ve only seen their tracks. But I can determine if the print belongs to the Caine or Cat family. All I have to do is look for claw imprints. Caine’s leave them, cats do not.

Besides learning about the refuge, I am also learning more about our RV. I thought all bathroom sinks came with ‘that hole’, opposite the faucets at the top of the basin. Also known as the the overfill drain. I knew the purpose of the hole was to allow the water to drain, if the sink was plugged. The hole also helps speed the draining of the water by allowing air to enter the drain.

But what I didn’t know was the sink in our RV did not come equipped with an overflow drain hole.

Well, I’ve since learned…if someone were to leave the sink plugged and forget they had the water running. The water would fill up the sink, run across the counter and cascade down the vanity and splash onto the floor. And no matter where I am inside the 5th wheel – I can hear water splashing onto the floor. I can also discover the source of a water.

I also learned the door on our bathroom vanity is hollow, and much like the overflow drain on a sink is an excellent space for excess water. Hair dryers have multiple purposes besides working well to dry and style hair they are also an excellent aids in drying out hollow doors.

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