Wallowa State Park Volunteer

We had heard a lot about Wallowa State Park in Oregon, but when we tried to make reservations the park was  always full. So, we decided to volunteer so we could spend  3 months in the park.

After we arrived I began to understand how choosing a volunteer position is a lot like blind dating – things aren’t always the way they sound.

While doing the research we knew phone service was going to be an issue so I asked the interviewer. “Is there internet?”

”Yes, and even some spots have satellite.”

Turns out, there was internet available for customers of the marina during their business hours.  The marina ran the concessions for the state park, so while the facility was on park property it was also a mile from our campsite.

’Some sites have satellite’, translated to…if you had your own satellite dish a few of the sites had a clearing so you could position your device to pick up a signal.

The mountains, lakes and hiking more than made up for the minor inconveniences of having very limited electronics and no laundry facilities on site.

We met some great people. The park employees, volunteers and fellow campers were all pleasant. The library in Joseph and Enterprise had a large enough selection of DVD’s so we were able to watch some movies.

So, even though some expectation weren’t met – the beauty of Wallowa State Park exceed our expectations. So, when we had nothing to turn on we could turn and and look at the mountains, lakes, streams and wildlife.

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