Remember when….

Remember when happiness was:

An Easy Bake Oven, Electric Football Game, Barbie, G.I.Joe, Legos, Twister and my favorite Tiny Tears doll.

Rock Em Sock em Robots, (I’ll knock your block off) Hot Wheels, Spirograph, Kerplunk and Pong video game, mood ring and a pet rock.

Now at 50 Happiness is:

Family, Health and Love, Safe Travel, Big Smiles and Warm Hugs, Tis The Season….

ORIGINALLY POSTED – when I was 50.  Now at 58 Happiness is still Family, Health, Love, Safe Travels (just lots more of them now that we are full-timer RVer’s. Big Smiles, Warm Hugs, This the Season….and cellphone service

Remember when you could only call people who had the same cellphone plan.  We had T-mobile and we could only call and text people with T-mobile otherwise it counted against our monthly allotment amount of minutes, and texts.  And Happiness was when your friends had the same plan as you had.

Now Happiness would be if T-mobile had better reception.  We have unlimited talk and text, but only when we have service.



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