• Now You see me, now you don’t…

    Now You see me, now you don’t…
  • Sometimes…


    Sometimes, I feel like an air plant because we have no roots, and I can not tolerate being frozen and need sunshine. But unlike air plants, we want more than just air and water.

    Lately, we have been thinking of planting ourselves. Of course, there is always the question of where. We did consider buying a home in MN, even though I worry about freezing, snow removal and walking on ice.

    But, there are very few houses on the market…so we thought of renting…there are even less.

    So, for the time being, we will be air plants.

  • Sanibel florida

    Stella loves to walk down to the Wildlife Education Boardwalk at ’Ding’Darling NWR.
  • WurzBurg camping

    WurzBurg camping

    Eight years ago when we were in Germany and I don’t remember seeing motorhome/campers on the road, but now they are everywhere. In Wurzberg, we spotted a car park for mobile homes. According to their website the parking spaces were 12 euro for 24 hours, fresh water was 1 euro for 100 liters and electricity was .60 euro a kWh. They also had grey water disposal free of charge.

    Wohmobilstellplatz Wurzburg, Germany

    We saw the Würzburg Residency, walked through Würzburg Court Garden, across the Old Main Bridge, (a medieval stone bridge with statues) and spotted the Marienberg Fortress on the bank of the Main River, before stopping for dinner at LoCanda Pizza.

  • Manatees and Bad Windsheim, Germany

    Manatees and Bad Windsheim, Germany

    We are currently resident volunteers at ‘Ding’ Darling NWR in Sanibel, FL and we’re visiting family in Bad Windshiem, Germany. On our walk around town, I spotted a statute of a man with a manatee. Manatees in Sanibel FL are a common sight; swimming in Tarpon Bay or as yard or mailbox decorations, but seeing one displayed in Bad Windsheim was a surprise.

    The carving of the man with the manatee is George Willhelm Steller who was born in Bad Windsheim (1709-1746).

    Stellar spotted the sea creature in 1741, off the Bering Island. This was thousands of miles from its nearest relative, the manatees who lives in the tropics.

    The Steller sea cow (manatee) was named after him along with several species of bird, including Steller’s Jay.

    The last Steller sea cow was seen in 1768.

  • Tastes of germany

    Tastes of germany

    Our first stop after arriving in Bad Windsheim was to Sahin for a döner. A Turkish flatbread sandwich filled with shaved turkey, vegetables and sauce. While we waited to order, Sahin treated us to hot Turkish tea. The tea taste a little bit like apple cider and tea. With our meal Sahin added a couple of yogurt drinks and a Turkish soda. I didn’t try the yogurt drink, but the soda tasted like Sprite.

    The next few days we spent walking and shopping for a few of my favorite things:

    Some of my favorite foods: Breztel (pretzels) and “Brötchen” (bread rolls) from the Bakeria (bakery), senf (mustard) in the US our mustard is made from the mildest of ground mustard seeds, vinegar, sugar, and turmeric. In Germany they use a variety of ground mustard seeds, vinegar, oil, herbs and/or sweeteners.

    Lebkuchen (pronounced leyb-koo-kuh n) a spice cake cookie. A Nuremberg labkuchen has 25 to 40% ground nuts. Whereas the brand we purchased has less than 14% nuts and is baked on a wafer, (wheat flour, starch, and water) – because a long, long time ago monks would make these cookies and drop the dough on a communion wafer to prevent them from sticking.

    On this visit we were unable to visit any of the Christmas Markets where they serve Glühwein (warm spiced red wine in a cup), but I did get the packets to easily brew Glühwein at home. We also purchased Mon Chéri, semi dark chocolate encasing a cherry, floating in liqueur and available only at Christmas.

  • Home alone

    Home alone

    Stella didn’t travel to Germany and she’s still living the best life…going for walks, the beach,and a little sofa time

    We too are living the dream and enjoying our time with Isa and Lolo.

  • Fun in SANIBEL

    Fun in SANIBEL

    Just a few of the sightings from our daily walks….lately Sanibel has been beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  • Stella is not a bird dog…

    Stella is not a bird dog…

    and I am not a birder, but we do enjoy watching the birds.

    A Little Blue Heron
    A common gallinule
  • The Snowbirds Have arrived

    The Snowbirds Have arrived
    Stella is a 9 year old Jack Russell who has been traveling for the last 6 years and on her walk, she spied…

    A feeding frenzy at J. N. “Ding” Darling NWR, Sanibel, FL. Today at low tide the minnows were trapped in the tree roots …similar to an ‘all-you-can-eat-buffet’ after the server brings out a tray of steaming crab legs